Meet the red handfish

The future of this species is in your hands.

We'll be following each red handfish observed in the wild, and reporting on re-sightings over time. We'll use unique markings to tell individuals apart - track movement and changes in size, as well as a whole suite of information that will give insight into their ecology and biology. The database of individuals listed below contains every known red handfish recorded over the past few years (adults and juveniles) and therefore every individual known to currently exist.

There are fewer than 100 adults left on the planet.

We offer you the opportunity to name your own handfish.  You can't take them home with you, but every dollar raised goes straight back into monitoring, raising awareness, and working towards protecting them.

See our handfish population listed below and apply to name yours today (conditions apply). 

Naming rights are $1000. Apart from the warm fuzzy feeling you'll get from helping work towards saving these species and the opportunity to name one of the last remaining handfish; your support will be recognised on our website for that individual fish, as well as in our annual public report.

Fish Name Image Species Status Sponsor Fish ID Life Stage
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